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Joula is a premier brand in the field of machinery and accessories for the textile industry.
The word "Joula" means "knitter" in old Persian and Arabic languages. The company's primary mission is to enhance the performance and productivity of knitting mills through the application of superior technologies and up-to-date knowledge in the production of devices and equipment.
Joula has developed state-of-the-art products, including the KnitNeedle (JLNC - Needle Controller), KnitNet (Monitoring Solution), Knitvision (Real-Time Fabric Defect Detector) and ... for various types of circular knitting machines. These innovative tools are designed to help prevent damage to machinery and fabrics, ensure quality control, and optimize textile production.

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Reducing waste is always one of the major concerns in every phase of fabric manufacturing including the...

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Control and Monitor your Knitting Machine from wherever you are in the world. You will be reported when...

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Bent or broken needle is an inevitable problem in circular knitting machines which causes waste fabric...

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Measuring yarn consumption is one of the important parameters in calculating production rate and ...


What Others Say


  • Oyatulla - Uzbekistan

    After using needle sensor from Joula, we have earned most effective working process of our circular knitting machines. Needle sensor inform us the broken needle immediateley and we do not have waste production anymore. Joula product is the best option among analogues. Many thanks for developers of this product.

  • Saeed Hosseini - Iran

    Joula Laser Needle Controller detects any faulty needle in knitting machine and prevents waste production. There is no need to check output texture online by human. we appreciate Joula team for developing such a helpfull device for knitting industry.

  • Shahrokh - Iran

    As a matter of fact, JLNC2 helps to minimize waste production with precise broken needle detection in circullar knitting machine which causes high efficiency production. Also, it has reasonable price, easy instalation procces, multi language support, long enough distance from needles, and capablity of instalation on wide varity of machines which make JLNCE2 to a demanded device in Knitting industry.

  • Anvarollah - Uzbekistan

    We have been using the device for almost 1month. At the beginning our technicians and workers were little bit afraid of using this device. Because in the past some other suppliers also had such a “Needle Sensors” and we were acknowledged that those are very sensitive and useless, stops and gives wrong errors.
    But now we are using The Joula brand new Lazor Needle Sensor Device in Single Jersey machine, and we satisfied with product.

  • Hasip Yıldırım - Turkey

    We use Joula Needle Controller on our Single Jersey and Double Jersey circular Knitting machines in Istanbul.
    Thanks to Joula and their high technology. User friendly touch screen, easy installation, precision at detecting defective needles and reasonable price. These were the things we wanted.

  • Armağan Ünveren - Turkey

    We are very satisfied with Joula Needle Controller. This device helped us to minimize our waste fabric by detecting broken and bent needles. We saved time and Money.

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