• KnitNet
    Joula Online Monitoring Solution

How does it work?


KnitNet is a real-time online monitoring solution designed to enhance the efficiency of knitting factory production lines through comprehensive data collection and reporting. The system comprises of SmartNode hardware installed on each circular knitting machine and a cloud-based software platform MyKnitNet.com. The hardware gathers data from the machines, while the software, equipped with state-of-the-art security, provides online monitoring of factory operations. It offers detailed event tracking and reporting for each machine and the entire factory, assesses and ranks worker performance, collects fabric quality data from Joula KnitVision, and generates a roll quality grading system. This integrated approach ensures improved productivity and quality control in knitting


Make Your Data Come Alive!


Transform Your Factory


Control and monitor your knitting mill anytime, anywhere in the world.


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Introduction to KnitNet


product introduction: video teaser of KnitNet

You Will Have Access to:


Real-time status of all knitting machines

Summary report of each machine in any time period

Detailed reports and statistics of product line

Full private data network and storage

Automated reports in different time periods.

Service period time reminder for maintenance

Collect and Store Factory Data Precisely

Customized website push notifications

Multilingual Interface

Access to your factory anytime (24/7), and anywhere in the world

Complete report on yarn consumption and fabric production

Machine efficiency report including average speed, working/stop/idle time

Production efficiency report including output textile weight, yarn, and electricity consumption, as well as temperature logs.

Flexible customized features and capability to integrate with another solution