Joula Hndheld Stroboscope



A stroboscope is an instrument that emits tunable flashing lights at specific intervals. It measures the rotation speed and frequency of rotating, vibrating or moving parts, components, and equipments. The flash frequency of stroboscope is adjustable to ensure accurate measurement of these parameters.
We offer JHS-1000 which makes it possible for you to observe the needles of a working knitting machine, motionless. Also, you can decrease the speed or freeze the needles to trace and check them to have a proper function.


Supply Voltage 5VDC, Rechargeable Battery
Range 60-10000 Flash Rate Per Minute (RPM)
Accuracy 0.35 % RPM
Display OLED 0.96”
Tuning Slow= 1 RPM Normal= 120 RPM Quick= 1200 RPM
Lux @ 6000 RPM & 10 cm 1000 for Power= Low 6000 for Power= Med 10000 for Power= High


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Power Save Mode

Auto Standby to Decrease Power Consumption

Fast Scanning

Scanning RPM Fast with High Resolution by Three Step Mode


Autosave After 10 Seconds


High-Resolution OLED Low Power Display

Clear View

Three Level of Light Intensity to Observe the Clear View