• KnitNeedle

    Joula Laser Needle Controller



Bent or broken needle is an inevitable problem in circular knitting machines which causes waste fabric. Therefore, a proper and applicable device is needed to detect such kinds of needle faults, precisely to increase production efficiency by reliable stop command at faults. In order to empowerment of circular knitting industry, a knowledge based product have been implemented by Araz Co. which accurately detects Bent or broken needle using state of the art LIDAR technology.


  KnitNeedle JLNC (Single or Double)
Supply Voltage 12~24 VAC-DC 12VDC
Power 4W 4W
Response Time 4000 Needle per Second 4000 Needle per Second
Resolution 40 NPI (Needle per Inch) 40 NPI (Needle per Inch)
Display Customized LED 4.3 Inch Touchscreen LCD




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Introduction to KnitNeedle


product introduction: video teaser of KnitNeedle

Always Improve Quality

New Design


- We have redesigned the laser-Head Fixture, so it can be installed on any kind of circular knitting machine.
- New Fixture facilitates the Laser-Head adjustment process.



Reducing waste production and increase production efficiency through reliable and fast stop at needle faults


Fast and Precise Indication of damaged, Bent or broken needle


ability to detect bad needles even in special fabric including cutting line, fine-gauge and jacquard-patterns

Various Installations

Innovative fixture of product let users install it in different kind of machine

Easy Adjustment

It can be adjusted easily by any user without any special skill


Simple and User-Friendly Interface


applicable to any type of machines (Jacquard, Single and Double Jersey Knitting Machines) any brands


high performance with competitive price