• JYLM



Measuring yarn consumption is one of the important parameters in calculating production rate and increasing production efficiency in the textile industry. Installing on top rings, each device can measure the yarn consumption of a single feeding system separately, as well as the stitch length. Therefore, fabric main parameters are easily obtained by JYLM and can be used for next time machine set-up or different machine set-up with same fabric specification.
As a peripheral device, JYLM can be used with KnitNet system to get yarn consumption and other fabric parameters through KnitNet web application.


Supply Voltage 12~24 V DC/AC
Power Consumption 600 mW
Maximum yarn speed 800 m/sec
Accuracy ± 1cm/m
Dimensions 144x85x140 mm3


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Continuous measurement of stitch length per machine cycle gives the ability to have a uniform fabric.

the quick machine set up for reproducing a specific fabric

Reproduction of specific fabric on different knitting machines by following only the same stitch length

The ability to connect with KnitNet to get data online

Percentage of yarn consumption for each type of yarn in multi yarn fabrics can be calculated