Joula Velour & Terry
    Circular Knitting Machines

High Quality and Precise Design


All of the knitting element of the machine is carefully designed by advanced CAD tools and precisely implemented using high quality CNC machines results in higher machine stability in high mechanical speeds as well as longer life span. Also, the camboxes of each type are interchangeable. The quality and elegance of final fabric is increased because of coordination of knitting components.
standard machine has 4 tracks in cylinder


Machine Name Model Dia Gauge Feeder (Inch) Feeder Qty
Joula Velour Knitting Machine JLVK 24’’-44’’ 16~28 1.5 36~66
Joula Terry Knitting Machine
(Reverse Terry, Polar)
JLTK 24’’-44’’ 16~28 2 48~88
Joula Double Terry Knitting Machine JLDTK 30’’,34’’,38’’ 16~18 1.4 42~52

the fabric of JLVK Model is perfect in raising function and is suitable for making velvet and pile fabric

the fabric of JLTK Model is suitable for home textiles, furniture and sofa fabric, baby garment, towel, garment, medical fabric, polar fabric

the fabric of JLDTK is suitable for making anti-bacterial towel, double face and bathroom towel, blankets and various fabric with high rate of water absorption, microfiber cleaning cloths



Loop Height Range

Machine Name Model
Joula Velour Knitting Machine 1.5~3.2 mm
Joula Terry Knitting Machine
(Reverse Terry, Polar)
1.2~6 mm
Joula Double Terry Knitting Machine 2~5.5 mm

Compliance with Polyester and Elastane yarn

Ability to convert to single jersey machine (optional)



Premier Brand of Circular kntting Machine in Iran

Elegant Production

Very Fine quality with nice hand-feeling fabric

High Quality Material

The amount of production is very high due to higher speed and performance

High Leg Frame (optional)

To decrease labor costs and facilitate the fabric finishing process, high-leg frame machines are suggested. (high leg frame use reinforced side roll take down system with the ability to output rolls diameter over 1000mm)

Standard Part and Accessories

  Model Brand
Invertor 380V Nidec/Delta Japan/Taiwan
Motor 380V TECO Taiwan
Oiler Pulsonic 6 Memminger Germany
Feeder MPFL/NEO Memminger Germany/China
Lycra Feeder Wal-5 /SER-T5 SUN /SMG
Creels Aluminum tube Fulong Taiwan
Take Down System One Way/Two way Mechanical YL Taiwan
Needle GB, Organ Germany/Japan
Sinker KL Germany
Control Panel Digital Taiwan

Classic Cylinder Taiwan


Made in Italy Megadyne Belt


Ballbearing NSK Japanese


Ballbearing Central Adjustment System


Taiwanese very precise Snail type Graduator


Cams and Cambox WL brand (Taiwanese Origin) Factory


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Premier Brand of Circular kntting Machine in Iran

Oil-bath main plate

main plate and main gears in driving system are floated in oil-bath so that lower maintenance require, reliability of machine and running speed increase and running noise reduce,

High Quality Material

The best raw material and the original parts from American, German or Japanese brands have been used in the knitting machine production line.