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    Jacquard Machines

High Quality and Precise Design


All of the knitting element of the machine is carefully designed by advanced CAD tools and precisely implemented using high quality CNC machines results in higher machine stability in high mechanical speeds as well as longer life span. Also, the camboxes of each type are interchangeable. The quality and elegance of final fabric is increased because of coordination of knitting components.



Needle quantity per gauge and diameter

Diameter Gauge Price Feeder
30” 12-19 50,000-60,000$ 24
34” 28
Diameter RPM
30” 15-17
34” 13-15
Diameter Fabric Width (cm)
30” 130-150
34” 180-200
Diameter 12Gauge 13Gauge 14Gauge 15Gauge 16Gauge 17Gauge 18Gauge 19Gauge
30” 1128 1224 1296 1392 1488 1584 1680 1776
34” 1272 1368 1488 1584 1704 1800 1900 2016
Higher production

More feeders, precise and high speed (e.g.: 34’’ 15g 28F the production could be 200kg-300kg depending the feeding yarns)

High Reliability

durable computer needle selection system with quick and low failure rate response in reading unlimited patterns through jacquard controller

Compliance with different yarn

Suitable to do knitting mercerized cotton, polyester cover cotton, stripped fabric, scouring pads, single and double lacoste mesh fabric, spandex.



We are going to make knitting machine smarter using
technolgy and experience to meet Industrial parameters.



Premier Brand of Circular kntting Machine in Iran

Higher precision and quality

The best raw material and the original parts from American, German, Italian and Japanese brands have been used in the knitting machine production line, Precise cam system reduce loss and increase average rotating speed of machine


Reasonable price, fair payment policy, install and setup service, periodic visits, spare parts supply and after-sales services

Produce high quality fabric

Robustness and machine stability (less vibration) results best quality production

USB connection

Pattern data can easily transfer to machine via USB device